Accidental Car



If you've been in an auto accident and your car is damaged or it costs more to repair than what it's worth. Now you have an option AutoTrader.Cash. you can contact us by the call or fill the form for sell your scrap car. We can pay best price of your used car, scrap car, damaged car just because We are the best buyer. When your car was totaled on that time you can’t understand which is the best idea for you (sell out your totaled car, repair it, just forget it throw it). Now we tell you the best one idea is, contact us for sell your ACCIDENTAL CAR We can pay best price of this totaled car.

With our recycling program, you can trade your car for cash! Even it burned cars, wrecked cars, total loss cars, old cars, used cars, post accident cars. We will give cash for used cars in California.


Based in Irvine, CA, AutoTrader.Cash  offers cash for clunkers of all types, including: 

AutoTrader.Cash will pick your automobile from virtually location in CA area including your home, place of employment or any other location. In some special case, our team can collect your vehicle from highway.

How It Works

AutoTrader.Cash offer cash for cars according to makes, models and conditions of it. All process is really very simple.

Here’s few step or process how we work :

  1. You can call us to inquire of our programs or fill online form to request a quote.
  2. We ask only basic information about your vehicle Like : Make, Model…and our experts will provide you information about how much we can offer for the vehicle.
  3. We will arrange a time and location for car removal at your given location. Same day or 24-hour pickup service is available in some cases, So feel free to ask about this.
  4. As given time one of our staff member will collect your vehicle and give cash on spot. We also provide you receipt for your recodes.

How to Get Cash Quote For Cars.

Only few steps can give you a large amount of money for your Waste Vehicles.That amount can surprise you.

  1. Simply call us at (323) 471-4749
  2. We will ask you only few questions Like:
    1. Make of Car
    2. Model of Car
    3. Year of Car
    4. General Condition of car
    5. Problem and damage of Cars
    6. Information on any missing parts or components.
  3. Based on this information, we offer you how much money we can offer for your vehicle.

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